Why Us

As a small, family-owned and operated business we pride ourselves on having a reputation for highly technical, reliable and prompt service. We are methodical and creative in finding solutions to fit your machine tool needs – fast!

Southern CNC Services does not have hundreds of down machines per day requiring our attention, we do not have set hours or policies in regards to what we can or cannot do. Instead we focus on YOU and what we can do to get you back in production as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

  • NO PARTS SWAPPING in hopes of a successful repair (this is expensive and counter-productive). The root cause will always be troubleshot and diagnosed.
  • NO PARTS SELLING. If something is repairable we will repair it. If not, we will assist you in ordering the appropriate part needed with no costly commissions. 
  • NO PRODUCT LINE LIMITATIONS. We have the ability to diagnose, repair, install and service many types of machines and automation.